Oxford Action Resource Centre Events http://www.theoarc.org.uk/cal A calendar of upcoming events at Oxford Action Resource Centre. Reclaim the power http://www.theoarc.org.uk/cal/view.php?id=1314 Sunday 10th August - 10:00am-9:00pm | Reclaim the power (unconfirmed) | We would like to book oarc Sunday day (10th) and Monday - Wednesday evenings (11th-13th) An evening with Julian Sayarer, author of Life Cycles http://www.theoarc.org.uk/cal/view.php?id=1307 Saturday 20th September - 7:00pm | An evening with Julian Sayarer, author of Life Cycles (unconfirmed) | The Broken Spoke Bike Co-op would like to welcome Julian Sayarer to Oxford to present his new book, Life Cycles: A London Bike Courier Decided to Cycle Around the World. 169 Days Later, He Came Back with a World Record. The evening will include a presentation by Julian followed by a Q&A or led discussion, the aim being to highlight to Oxfords cyclists the potential that a bicycle can have to educate, empower and invigorate both the individual and the community.