Oxford Action Resource Centre Events http://www.theoarc.org.uk/cal A calendar of upcoming events at Oxford Action Resource Centre. Cuntry Living http://www.theoarc.org.uk/cal/view.php?id=1355 Sunday 23rd November - 10:00am | Cuntry Living (unconfirmed) Monday Shop http://www.theoarc.org.uk/cal/view.php?id=1345 Monday 24th November - 3:00pm-9:00pm | Monday Shop The Land Is Ours meeting http://www.theoarc.org.uk/cal/view.php?id=1352 Saturday 13th December - 1:00pm-6:00pm | The Land Is Ours meeting (unconfirmed) | The Land Is Ours meeting booked by Edward Pope at the request of Tony Gosling from Bristol