Oxford Action Resource Centre Events http://www.theoarc.org.uk/cal A calendar of upcoming events at Oxford Action Resource Centre. Monday Shop AGM http://www.theoarc.org.uk/cal/view.php?id=1549 Monday 24th October - 7:00pm | Monday Shop AGM (unconfirmed) | Monday Shop is turning 2 and we have a lot to celebrate. For the second year running we have made over £3,000, all of which has gone to support at least 6 local producers. We have sold and given away tonnes of delicious organic fruit, veg and cake and saved it from going to waste, and provided a friendly space for people to meet, sit and have a cup of tea. We want to celebrate with you so come along for our usual goodies as well as workshops, a jumble sale, a play corner for babies and toddlers and of course, lots of birthday CAKE! Following the merriment we will hold our AGM, same location. 4 - 7pm, in The Lounge, East Oxford Community Centre. Moving upstairs to OARC if needed. More information and updates can be found on the Monday Shop facebook page. Circular Collective http://www.theoarc.org.uk/cal/view.php?id=1546 Tuesday 25th October - 6:00pm-8:30pm | Circular Collective (unconfirmed) Broken Spoke meeting http://www.theoarc.org.uk/cal/view.php?id=1551 Monday 31st October - 9:00am-12:00pm | Broken Spoke meeting (unconfirmed) Monday Shop http://www.theoarc.org.uk/cal/view.php?id=1550 Monday 31st October - 12:00pm | Monday Shop (unconfirmed) | Friendly food co-op in East Oxford open every Monday. Helping local organic farmers ensure their varied surplus week to week doesnt go to waste, and making organic, local food accessible to more people. Broken Spoke Volunteer Feast http://www.theoarc.org.uk/cal/view.php?id=1547 Friday 18th November - 5:30pm-9:00pm | Broken Spoke Volunteer Feast (unconfirmed)