Oxford Action Resource Centre Events http://www.theoarc.org.uk/cal A calendar of upcoming events at Oxford Action Resource Centre. Info Evening: Oxford says ‘here & no further’ at cop23: ending coal ourselves http://www.theoarc.org.uk/cal/view.php?id=1600 Thursday 5th October - 7:00pm-9:00pm | Info Evening: Oxford says ‘here & no further’ at cop23: ending coal ourselves (unconfirmed) | In November the world is gathering to negotiate climate commitments at COP23 in Bonn (as part of annual UN talks)… but climate breakdown isn’t waiting for the negotiators. With the world’s eyes on Bonn, we’ll be about 50km down the road, showing what real action for climate justice would look like… and you’re invited! ATTEND THIS INFO EVENING TO FIND OUT MORE AND CONNECT WITH OTHERS WHO WANT TO TAKE ACTION FOR A SAFE, LIVEABLE PLANET AND CLIMATE JUSTICE! Ende Gelände – translating as ‘Here and no further’ – has grown into one of the largest and most striking actions in the calendar for the European Climate Justice movement, with people from around Europe gathering to get skilled up and take direct action against one of the largest and dirtiest sources of CO2 emissions in Europe – the coal mines and power plants of the Rhineland. In August this year thousands took part in civil disobedience action at the mines, reducing output a power station associated with the mines to less than 40% for 20 hours. Find out more about Ende Gelände here: https://www.ende-gelaende.org/en At the info evening we will hear from activists that have taken part in Ende Gelande before, and give more details about the action in November. There will also be an update on UK action against fossil fuels, with feedback from Reclaim the Powers recent national gathering. Read on below for some more info on the upcoming camp near Bonn: Ende Gelände organizers are currently getting accomodation and logistics sorted, and are calling for those who stand for climate justice from across Europe to join them in taking action near Bonn from Friday 3rd November until Monday 6th November if possible. The Pacific Climate Warriors will run a solidarity action parallel to Ende Gelände, also in the Rhineland lignite (brown coal) mining area. This indigenous grassroots group from the Pacific islands is campaigning against the rise in sea level and is therefore fighting the fossil industry. We will be standing side by side with people who’s very existence is being directly threatened by climate breakdown. Despite its green image, roughly 40% of electricity in Germany comes from coal, the most polluting fossil fuel. It’s simply absurd that climate change negotiations are taking place in Bonn while only 50 km away, the most polluting type of coal is being extracted and burned every day in vast quantities! Ende Gelande Summary: WHAT? Non-violent civil disobedience to stop the largest source of CO2 in the EU: the vast open cast coal mines of the Rhineland in Southern Germany. WHY? Climate Change isn’t waiting for the negotiations, we need to start the coal phase out ourselves. WHEN? 3rd – 6th November 2017 HOW? See https://www.ende-gelaende.org/en WHO? You and thousands of others! GETTING THERE: Oxford Reclaim the Power are arranging transport to take us speedily, safely, and cheaply to Ende Gelände in November (and home again!). We’re hoping this will be about £40 all in (return) – but will have to confirm this slightly nearer the time. Of course, you could book transport yourself, you’re still warmly invited to come to the info evening and connect with local people who will be there too. GET ORGANISED, BE CREATIVE AND COME WITH US TO THE RHINELAND! Oxford MXM organising meeting http://www.theoarc.org.uk/cal/view.php?id=1592 Friday 6th October - 6:00pm-9:00pm | Oxford MXM organising meeting Sharing Insomnia (support group) http://www.theoarc.org.uk/cal/view.php?id=1599 Wednesday 11th October - 7:30pm-9:00pm | Sharing Insomnia (support group) | An opportunity to discuss and share experiences of wakefulness. First meeting. Oxford MXM organising meeting http://www.theoarc.org.uk/cal/view.php?id=1593 Thursday 2nd November - 6:00pm-9:00pm | Oxford MXM organising meeting Oxford MXM organising meeting http://www.theoarc.org.uk/cal/view.php?id=1594 Thursday 7th December - 6:00pm-9:00pm | Oxford MXM organising meeting