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Due to the closure of East Oxford Community Centre pending refurbishment OARC is closed. OARC will move to a temporary location. Check back soon for the new temporary location details and access info!

OARC resources

All of OARC's resources are available for people and groups that are making a positive contribution to community life and a more socially just and environmentally sustainable society.

We normally ask for a small donation to cover our running costs. If you really cannot afford this, we will almost definately let you use the resources for free. If you can afford to donate a bit more to cover the costs of those that cannot, that would be great!


A place to meet, talk about the issues of the day, and drink tea.

the office

A place to work using free and open source software.

the library

Grab a book, a sofa, and just chill.

the media centre

Our PCs all run up to date and versitile software.

A place to meet

There is a meeting area with comfy chairs and sofas that can accomodate around 20 people. The room can be rearranged in any way that you want.

Flip chart stands, paper, pens, Blu-Tac, and other stationery that you might need for your meeting are available.

For those slightly longer meetings, there is even tea & coffee making facilities (there is normally even some tea & coffee in OARC that you are welcome to help youself to). And, for those really long meetings, there is a twin-ring electric stove that you can use. The main thing we ask is that you wash up after yourself!

A place to work

We have facilities for on-line or off-line work. There are desks for up to five people, and more staionery that you could throw a stick at.

There are four computer workstations set up for:

  • Internet access (wired and wireless).
  • Word processing and other office suite facilities.
  • Desktop publishing.
  • Image editing.
  • Web design.
  • CD & DVD burning.
  • Sound & video editing.
  • There are even some games!

Several people that are currently involve in OARC are computer specialists keen to share their skills, so IT help is often available - if you ask for it.

A place to learn

OARC hosts a small but perfectly formed library of books covering a wide range of topics, including many radical books that are not commonly see elsewhere. If you want to find out about:

  • Community organising,
  • Radical global politics,
  • Environmentally friendly cooking,
  • Direct action - what & why,
  • Or just want to read an interesting novel,

Then we have got a book for you to borrow.

A place to hold events

OARC is available for a range of events. Recently it has been used for:

  • Film screenings (a projector can normally be made available).
  • Community meals.
  • Gatherings of national initiatives (e.g. Climate Camp and HactionLab), where we can often negotiate use of other parts of the community centre for larger events.

A place to reach out

There are several notice boards in OARC that you can use to promote your group's activities on. And there is a leaflet rack just outside our door that you can leave your flyers and posters in.

There are paints, brushes and other art materials you can use to create amazing posters, banners and wotnot.

Your group can receive mail here - but please contact us so we know who the mail needs to go to.

A place to create

Above all else, OARC is a world for us - you and me - to make a positive contribution to community life and a more socially just and environmentally sustainable society. If you have ideas for how we can do this, please {LINK} get involved with OARC.

Borrow from OARC

A lot of groups store their tat* in OARC, and much of this is made available to other groups sharing similar aims and values to them (they may also ask for a donation). We do not have a complete list at the moment, but some of the tat we have includes equipment for an outdoor gathering (e.g. cooking kit, crockery & cultery, a marquee), hi-vis tabbards, banner making equipment, and much more. Email oarc [at] riseup.net with what you need an we will see if we can help. The more notice you can give us, the more likley we are to be able to help you.
* Tat is equipment & resources used for events, actions, etc.


To book OARC please go to our events page, check that the date & time you want is available, and follow the 'Book an event' link.

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